Video about Croatia

'Ode to Joy', the promotional video of the Croatian Tourist Board, won a prestigious travel industry's 'Oscars' award 'Das goldene Stadttor' at the International Tourism Film Festival held on 8 March 2012. The festival is held annually as a part of International Tourism Fair ITB in Berlin. With its impressive visualisation and through the inspiring music narrative led by cellist Ana Rucner, the film highlights the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage of Croatia as well as many Croatian beauties.

Kigo sailing boat

Medijski Partneri

Croatia Skipper is a trustable partner of Neventum for hostesses in Croatia. Neventum has more than 12000 suppliers around the world and is present in 146 countries to offer construction and design of stands, catering and hostesses.
Ukoliko želite provesti nezaboravan vikend na jedrilicama uz vrhunsko vodstvo educiranih skippera i na vrhunskim party destinacijama dovoljno je nazvati 051/324 189

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Croatia – Photo

Miro Zlatarić

Full name: Miro Zlatarić

Date of birth: 25 January 1993, Zagreb

Country of origin: Croatia

Education: medical technician, kinesiology student

Health: excellent, non-smoker

Languages: English

Hobbies: sailing, cooking, boardsailing

Skills: well-developed interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills

Permits and licences: B (car), category C skipper

Description: sailing instructor, 3. Maj Sailing Club; sailing and sailboarding instructor at Oreb Club International

Health: excellent, non-smoker
Hobbies: sailing, cooking, boardsailing

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